Patco Drafting

 All the samples on this page are in PDF Format, all the information of who they are drawn for and what the project is has been removed for privacy and legal issues. Contact me if you have a project to design or even for questions

kitchen M-01 (1).pdf kitchen M-01 (1).pdf
Size : 661.846 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 304.748 Kb
Type : dwg
02 SERIES - --121 CASEWORK-02-01.pdf 02 SERIES - --121 CASEWORK-02-01.pdf
Size : 406.001 Kb
Type : pdf
6.0 (display wall) MW02a & MW02b-6.01.pdf 6.0 (display wall) MW02a & MW02b-6.01.pdf
Size : 2169.342 Kb
Type : pdf
A-40-44-A-40.pdf A-40-44-A-40.pdf
Size : 605.607 Kb
Type : pdf

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