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Even though the general category my business fits in is Handyman, I am not the usual Handyman. I offer my services as a highly trained and seasoned professional. I have been in business in Colorado Springs, Colorado for over 30 years (since 1978). I am a journeyman Millwright, which means that I am proficient in cabinet making, lumber processing, carpentry, machining, finishing, engineering and installation. I also offer expertise in furniture and antique restoration and repair.  I have completed many diverse repairs on homes in the Colorado Springs area including plumbing and electrical repairs and replacements, finished basements, new bathrooms, getting homes ready for sale and rental, to list a few. I work for commercial businesses as well as individuals.

                Most of my friends and clients think of me as a very reasonable man with his tools that has higher standards of quality and craftsmanship. They talk of how satisfied with the way they are treated, their properties are taken care of, the trust they have in me to complete a project on time and to the specifications discussed as well as the security of their property. The very first basement finish I did, the owner handed me the key to his home and left for a vacation abroad and when he came back everything was completed and very secure! I am proud of the fact that I have clients who are friends, and the reverse! You won’t find fancy advertisements on TV and only occasionally an ad in a neighborhood paper because I work very hard for the word of mouth advertisement and the ability to pass along very little overhead in my pricing, I believe in getting the best value for a dollar spent. I don’t charge extra for materials and if I get a discount on materials so do you! I aim to please both in quality and the pocketbook!


                All the pictures on this site are of projects completed by The Handy Craftsman, for more pictures follow this link http://photobucket.com/handy_bucket     There are tons of pictures of a large variety of projects, take your time with them and you may find something that matches your project.

 This is a vanity designed, built and installed by me


Hand Carved 1880's walnut bed frame refinished  

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