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My story is a very diverse one, I grew up with a highly motivated father who had his own business and was a successful one man home painter that grew into painting a few large projects employing up to 5 men at a time until he injured himself and was forced into retirement. I took that example and developed my own business. During my working days in the corporate world I became a journeyman Millwright, which means that I am proficient in cabinet making, lumber processing, carpentry, machining, finishing, and installation. I also learned expertise in furniture and antique restoration and repair.

I started working in the painting business when I was young, working summers with my Dad in the early 1970's, in 1977 and 1978 I worked full time for him. I went to work for Wigand Corporation (which was number 5 in the world for architectural woodworking shops) in 1978 as the finishing foreman and worked my way through the shop milling lumber, machining parts, sanding, finishing, and assembly. Ultimately I was promoted into the engineering department, listing materials, managing materials and working with drawings for the cabinetry and millwork. I became a project manager for a few months in 2000 at International Woodworking until a layoff forced me out. I have been a design engineer for woodworking shops all over the country for over 10 years working on my own as Patco Drafting and for an engineering firm until it closed.

Doing the home repairs and remodeling started as a sideline because my parents knew of people that needed good quality work at an affordable rate. Dad was always asked to repair some small things around his projects and always did his own repairs around his house, he taught me all his skills and I tirelessly questioned all the trades we worked around for my own knowledge. By the time Dad asked me to step into the repair jobs he could not handle he knew that I could do it all. He taught me the value of word of mouth and customer satisfaction in the process to build my business into what it is today.

I began the furniture repair for a moving company here in town because they needed good quality help with the knowledge of cabinet and furniture making to help with the European furniture and cabinetry they shipped for the military personnel in town and on all the basses around town. I also had firsthand knowledge and experience working with the military as I have worked for the Public Relations department in Northcom on flag pole stands that were totally unique and long lasting and for the family care center on Schriever Air Base in their main office as well as other projects.  I have expanded this service to individuals and businesses in the area from building retail displays and cash wraps to restoring treasured furnishings. I have built a bar and karaoke center for The Dublin House, a karaoke cabinet for the original Cowboys, installing displays for Fragnza in Chapel Hills Mall, cabinets and bookcases for various churches and a cash wrap and various displays for Heaven on Earth store.  

My hobby has always been antiques and I have even been a dealer as requested or needed. I have worked for various antique dealers around town refinishing their merchandise. My focus on antique restoration has always been to retain the value and antique properties. Refinishing antiques has to be done in a way that the antique is still an antique when finished, this is achieved by knowing the way it was built, the materials used and the methods of finishing returning it to its original beauty and craftsmanship.

                 As is usual for any entrepreneur I have been busy in one or two of the businesses at different times over the entire 33years, keeping me in tune with everything I can do for my clients. My main drive for my clients has always been the high quality job I can perform for them. I guarantee their satisfaction and my work for a year after the project is completed. If the materials are at fault, I will take them to the supplier and reinstall them at no extra charge to the client for the duration of the guarantee for the supplier.

This is a before picture of the bathroom to the right

Deck and fence restain 

The large office room built above my garage by me and my sons

Bathroom remodel in Crystal Hills above Manitou Springs

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